“And Up From The Gulf Came a Bubbling Goo…”

Nobody Knows Nothin’

(A New Song Benefiting Gulf Aid)

Featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Clint Maedgan plus Threadhead Records artists John Boutté, Paul Sanchez, Susan Cowsill, Craig Klein, Margie Perez and more

Written by: John Boutté, Bill Lynn and Paul Sanchez
Produced by: Ben Jaffe, Bill Lynn and Paul Sanchez

Coming off their successful collaboration with Mos Def and Lenny Kravitz that resulted in the popular Ain’t My Fault recording and video benefiting the organization Gulf Aid , Ben Jaffe, leader of the world famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and Bill Lynn, professional fundraiser and master auctioneer, have teamed with singer/songwriters John Boutté and Paul Sanchez to write and produce a fundraising project  through Threadhead Records called Nobody Knows Nothin’, also benefiting Gulf Aid.

Along with a plethora of New Orleans talent including the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Susan Cowsill, Craig Klein (Bonerama/New Orleans Nightcrawlers), Margie Perez (Ensemble Fatien), Gregory Menoher, and Mark McGrain, Jaffe, Lynn, Boutté and Sanchez gathered at the iconic Preservation Hall to record this musical response to the Gulf oil disaster.  With Boutté (who is currently enjoying success from his wildly popular theme song from HBO’s hit series Treme) handling the lead vocals, the song puts to music the frustration and despair surrounding the worst ecological disaster the country has known.

Says Bill Lynn, co-writer and co-producer of this effort:

John, Paul, and I, all good neighborhood buddies, we’re hanging out watchin’ the news and “disaster talking” which we have all unfortunately mastered over the last almost 5 years. We know from experience that this talk leaves one angry, depressed, frozen, and confused and with an unhealthy dose of despair. It’s a peculiar thing, disaster talking. Once started, it almost takes on a hurricane like energy of its’ own. The conversation whirls about as everyone gushes and oozes out their emotions spinning wild projections of anger and the fear of the unknown. The three of us (and thousands of others) have all recently been there and done that almost (and in some cases) to death. Fortunately this time around we transferred this weird energy into a couple of I phone recording sessions. We played them for another good neighbor, Ben Jaffe. When asked if we could record this at Preservation Hall he immediately responded, “Only if I could play tuba!” Armed with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and the sweet harmonies of the Rolling Threadhead Review, this is the result of our collective thoughts.

To claim I am void of anger would be a bald face lie. However, this time around we have skipped the depressed, hopeless, frozen and confused part and have substituted it with the rock solid spirit and love that brought us back from the brink of Katrina’s almost total devastation. While there may be a whole bunch of people that proclaim or really don’t know nothing, without a doubt we do know our ability to not only survive but to thrive as well comes directly from the heart of the people who love this place so very, very much.

About Gulf Aid: Gulf Aid is a 501(c3) nonprofit corporation established in response to the biggest oil spill in US history just 50 miles off of the Louisiana Coast.  Its mission is to aid organizations focused on supporting wetlands/coastal environmental issues & the well-being of fishermen, and the regional seafood industry.

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