Craig Klein Project

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[FUNDING COMPLETE]  New Orleans-born Craig “Sparky” Klein received his first trombone at the age of six from his musician uncle, Gerry Dallmann. His formal musical training began in grade school, under the guidance of Papa Jac Assunto, founder of the Dukes of Dixieland. After college graduation, his professional musical career began in 1979 when he started playing with a traditional New Orleans brass band, meeting and playing with some of the New Orleans greats, such as Kid Sheik Colla, Father Al Lewis, Danny Barker, Chester Zardis, Frog Joseph, and many more.

Craig’s extensive experience includes work with bands such as the Storyville Stompers, Olympia Brass Band, the O’Jays, George Porter Jr., the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, the Leroy Jones Quintet, Dave Bartholomew, Wardell Quezergue, and Harry Connick Jr. He currently can be seen around town and on the road with the Bonerama, the Storyville Stompers, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers and with  Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show.

After the flood in 2005, Craig and friends decided that the best way to ensure the return of local musicians was to help them gut their flood-damaged homes and the Arabi Wrecking Krewe was born. Putting his own home repair on hold for a year, Craig and krewe cleaned, gutted and repaired a large number of homes allowing many musicians to return more quickly and bring their music home.

This new CD will be his first solo effort since New Orleans Trombonisms, which was released in 2004.  It will be a mixture of original songs and covers and will include some of the more notable talent in New Orleans.

THR is excited to be able to help this multi-talented artist – and all around good guy – make to his latest musical vision a reality.


Name the CD Contest!

Use the comments below to suggest a title for Craig’s new CD!  If Craig decides to use one of the suggestions below, the author of the chosen title will receive a signed copy of the new CD.  If the author is also a contributor to the project, there will be a to-be-determined special prize awarded.  Keep an eye on this space for the special prize announcement!


Opened September 9, 2010



  1. My suggestion is:

    “No Bones About It”

  2. Or just “No Bones”

  3. Baked & Deboned

  4. Bone Marrow

  5. “The Hand Bone’s Connected to the Trombone”

  6. Bone Of Contention

  7. Give The Cat A Bone

  8. T-Bone Stake

  9. Boning Up

  10. Bonecrawler

  11. bones through the ages…………

    bones around town…………..

    bones around new orleans………

    bones of songs past and present…….

    bone diggers area……..

  12. Susan Hardin says:


  13. That’s not a bone in my pocket, I’m just glad to see you.

  14. C’est si bone!

  15. Sparkys Songs

  16. Biography in Brass

    Funk, Friends & Bone

    One Swinging Bone

    Horn of Bone

    Who Dat Bone

    Who Dat Brass

    Swinging the Funk

    Alright in Nola

    All That Brass

  17. Robbie Alves says:

    ‘Best Sex You Never Had’
    ‘Best Bone You Never Had’

  18. I am thrilled Craig is doing this! He is the hardest working musician! YAY Craig!

  19. With a Little Help from my Friends

    Passing Some Good Bone with Y’all


  20. Barbara Nassberg says:

    Hearts and Bones

    Bone Density

    Bad to the Bone

    Bone Temps

  21. Throw Me A Bone

  22. Trombonisms II

    Trombonisms, the Sequel

    Trombonisms Strikes Back

    Son of Trombonisms


    Revenge of Trombonisms

    Bride of Trombonisms

    Trombonisms Rides Again

    Gamera vs. Trombonisms

    Beneath the Planet of Trombonisms

  23. Bone sweet bone
    Live in Denver

  24. remember… be considered for the special prize….be a contributor to this project!

  25. Craig Klein Project