The New Blog for THR and MSR – The Tip Jar

Well, this is the first “blog” I’ve done for the  websites….so let’s see how this goes.  The blog will be written by me, and others….hopefully by some who work with Threadhead Records/Mystery Street Records, and some of you out there who are “Threadheads.”  And, I also hope some of our musicians can contribute.

Anything is fair game, as long as it revolves around the love of music, New Orleans, New Orleans musicians, and……whatever else comes to mind.

Why the name “The Tip Jar”? First and foremost….it’s a reminder that the musicians need to be paid! And, of course, it is to provide more in depth information about our projects, news, recommendations, etc. that isn’t found elsewhere on these websites.

So, with that: here goes….

This morning I was reminded by a friend of the power of music….she told me that when someone is feeling down (in this case me) to “keep the music going.” Her suggested song list (a custom “feel better” EP, if you will):

Rebuild Renew (from Nine Lives)

You’ll Get Through It (from Wilson & Moore’s “Side by Side”)

Could Have Been Worse (from Nine Lives)

That’s What Friends Are For (as she says, a bit corny, but it still works)

And this morning, I will play those very songs.

What songs would you add to this list?

What other topics should I/we write about?

Thanks for reading.





  1. hey chris, good idea. i hear blogs are hip. i have a couple ;-) we just got the ‘final’ revision on ‘shrimp boots’ cover art/packaging and after ‘pre-flight’ checking that and mikey’s latest sequencing, we’ll be ready to get pressed! whoo-hoo! its’ been a long trip, many details to get right, but that’s why we picked a long time-line for getting it out. plus, we’re old and don’t like rushing around anymore (I even wrote a song about that). rekkid-drop party is oct 21 at rock ‘n bowl, hope you and many heads can make it! rico cSBz

  2. Tom Perlic says:

    Hey Chris…good idea! Been goin’ through some transitions myself professionally, too! Getting “canned” was a shock, but it pushes me to “Yeah You Right Music” which will be an official entity mid-September. I’d love to contribute to the blog @ some point…talk about how we all need to support the Threadhead roster when they’re in your ‘hood!

    Driving @ 3 am to the NC beach last night…and Paul’s “Enjoy Yourself” came on my ipod…great, uplifting, and very appropriate for my recent happenings!

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