The Tip Jar – New THR Advisory Board

Back in December 2008, Offbeat Magazine wrote an article on Threadhead Records. Within the article there was this line:

So far, the label has not turned away any interested artist.

Three and a half years later….we get phone calls and/or emails from prospective artists and musicians almost every week.  Because of our size and limited resources, sadly, we now turn away some.

It’s also become difficult to sift through all the calls, emails and letters we receive, asking if THR can help.

So, two months ago, we appointed an “Advisory Board,” to help give recommendations on the merits and selection of prospective new projects and artists.

The  five members of the THR Advisory Board are:  Kevin Shea, Janelle (Jada) Dayton, Susan Hardin, Steve Hochman and Gail Krass Leist.

You will be seeing the fruits of their labor very soon!





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