The Tip Jar: THR Is NOT A Traditional Record Company

One of the reasons we are not like traditional record companies….

From Blog reader Jackie Hanel Emerson:

“I would like to hear from some of your artists about what it means to them to retain the rights & ownership of their songs when they record with Threadhead Records, vs what happens with a commercial record company.”

Here’s a response from Paul Sanchez:

“The comparison isn’t even apples and oranges, it’s apples and oceans.

Traditional record labels take a large share of record sales in exchange for the service of promotion, distribution, marketing and manufacturing. In the past, labels even wanted creative say so they could channel the marketing of a band in the direction they wanted to sell. However, in today’s recording industry there are no longer many places that sell cds so distribution is not a factor. Print advertising is declining in effectiveness as newspapers fold and readership dwindles for many magazines. Manufacturing costs are now dropping dramatically because of the rise of downloads and decline of sales. In the past, bands would sign away ownership of their publishing and master recording rights on the CHANCE that the advantages offered by being on a label might outweigh how much money and ownership you gave up.

With Threadhead Records there is no ownership by the label, there is no creative control by the label. There are no distribution costs to recoup, the band is not paying for company drinks and dinner with radio or promoters. It is a volunteer group of music fans just trying to keep the music going in the city where all music originated, New Orleans.”

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