Alex McMurray Project II

Photo credit: Bob Adamek

From Alex about this project:

“People tend to speak tenderly of songs, but for me songs are like old friends that owe you money– they are very comfortable in your house, go through the fridge and borrow your tools. They just don’t seem to be there when you remember you need them. They keep telling you: as long as they owe you, you will never be broke. So i have been tricking the songs–offering them coffee and snacks and quietly locking all the doors and windows. Now the house is crowded with these deadbeats talking over one another and getting dirt all over the furniture. The sink is full of their dishes and the neighbors are starting to complain. The cats are getting nervous. All I need is to take their picture and then they can be on their way.

Carlo Nuccio has been hired for principal photography. Carlo is an esteemed technician who has worked with many fine artists in Los Angeles, Nashville and New Orleans. He holds an MFA from the Charm School and is very much Wanted in several states. The set dressing will be handled by our own Mr. Matt Perrine, who has been putting together some lovely floral arrangements for the occasion. Other artists will be brought in as needed to flesh out the scene. The site will be Fudge Studio in New Orleans. We will commence on Dec 7, 2011.

This will be a group photo, the subjects of which shall include–

a love song

a jail song

a country song

a cowboy song

a drifter song

a gospel song

a dance song

a revenge song

a lament

and some others half in the frame.”

THR is excited to help this versatile and talented performer capture these songs for all eternity… and finally send them on their way.

Opened November 18, 2011