Miss Sophie Lee Project

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Miss Sophie Lee moved to New Orleans in 2001 in search of its rich musical and culinary culture.  She quickly found Frenchmen Street and the New Orleans Jazz Vipers who along with Bart Ramsey, collaborated with her on her first New Orleans self-titled CD in 2006.

In the Summer and Fall of 2009, Sophie, Bart and members of the Jazz Vipers (now called The New Orleans Cottonmouth Kings) collaborated again for another Miss Sophie Lee CD, Tallulah Moon.  This time around they were joined by a stellar group of New Orleans musicians including “Washboard Chaz” Leary, St. Louis Slim, Andy J. Forest, Bruce Brackman, Charlie Fardella, Robert Snow, John Rodli, Matt Rhody, Matt Johnson, Matt Bell, Tommy Sciple and Glen David Andrews.

In August 2010 Miss Sophie Lee opened Three Muses, a popular restaurant/jazz club on Frenchmen St. in New Orleans.

Miss Sophie says, “This new project would be the first to feature me and my OWN band which took me 11 years, 2 CD’s, many gigs and local Fests to find and I finally feel like I’m closer than ever to finding my own voice.  We have been together as this unit for 3 years, playing regularly and working hard.

I will also put more originals on this CD, as well as some fine jazz standards and some more obscure jazz/blues tunes.  I feel as this 3rd CD will reflect all that I’ve experienced and learned so far from this great community who welcomed me with wide-open arms and I am excited to share it with everyone.”

We are very proud to welcome Miss Sophie Lee into the THR family.

Opened June 12, 2012