Offbeat Review: It’s Not The Years, It’s The Miles – Debbie Davis

by John Swensen Debbie Davis is generally recognized as possessing one of the most beautiful voices in a city filled with talented singers. Her work with the Pfister Sisters, on her own and with Paul Sanchez has demonstrated her wide-ranging taste and an ability to comfortably inhabit just about any musical environment. Her first solo […]

Offbeat Review: Creole String Beans’ “Shrimp Boots & Vintage Suits”

By David Kunian October 2011 Issue Really, is there more to life than Shrimp Boots and Vintage Suits? The shrimp boots, a symbol of life here on the Gulf of Mexico, sum up that rocking Gulf Coast sound that made for hit after hit in studios from Rampart Street to Crowley. This quartet with honking […]

Offbeat Review: Camile Baudoin – Old Bayou Blues

by John Swenson Sept. 01, 2011 When the Radiators played their final shows in June, few would have guessed that the band member most prepared for life in a new musical context would be Camile Baudoin. The band’s soft- spoken, self-effacing lead guitarist was known for his intense, dexterous playing, but not for his stage […]

Chicago Tribune Review: Almost Native – Tom McDermott & Evan Christopher

“The first city of jazz continues to produce distinctive artists, but few more appealing than the duo of pianist Tom McDermott and clarinetist Evan Christopher. They’ve just released a startlingly original CD that underscores the allure of their partnership, “Almost Native: Music from New Orleans & Beyond” (Threadhead Records). McDermott stands as one of the […]

Offbeat Review: Rick Trolsen’s Mystical Scam

Neslort is, of course, Trolsen backwards, and the return of this odd 1990s project led by the eccentric New Orleans trombonist Rick Trolsen is the latest gift from the ever-generous Threadhead social network, and something of a triumph for Jeff Albert’s Open Ears Series, which has featured the band. The music—and concept—is so reminiscent of […]

Where Y’at Reviews: Neslort and Ensemble Fatien

Neslort Mystical Scam Neslort Music BMI Neslort brings a robust feeling of excitement and renewal to contemporary jazz releasing soulful joy on their latest, Mystical Scam. “March of the Native Alien” brings some funky rhythmic beats to the table which sounds more like something you’d fine going down at the Maple Leaf or Blue Nile […]

New Orleans Magazine: Ensemble Fatien

New Orleans Magazine features an article on THR artists Ensemble Fatien in their latest issue.

New Orleans Port Record: Ensemble Fatien

Ensemble Fatien is featured in the September/October issue of the New Orleans Port Record exploring New Orleans’ penchant for importing global musical influences and exporting the new sounds to the world. “Ensemble Fatien as a prime example of this trend. Led by a percussionist from the Ivory Coast named Seguenon Kone who moved to New […]

Rolling Stone Review: Susan Cowsill – Lighthouse

By  David Fricke – 2010 05 18 – “From Katrina to Super Bowl champs, this is our story,” singer-songwriter and proud New Orleans resident Susan Cowsill writes in the credits, and she repeatedly veers between drowning and daylight, exile and homecoming, on Lighthouse, an earthy, often crunchy folk-pop gem. But Cowsill has a supple survivor’s […]

All About Jazz Review: Wilson & Moore – Side By Side

– Craig Cortello, The Business Musician – Chip Wilson is best known in and around New Orleans as the former guitar luthier who extracts supreme sounds from the instrument he once made a living producing. Jesse Moore is a versatile performer equally at ease on stage in music clubs and theaters, on television, or on […]