The Tip Jar: THR Is NOT A Traditional Record Company

One of the reasons we are not like traditional record companies…. From Blog reader Jackie Hanel Emerson: “I would like to hear from some of your artists about what it means to them to retain the rights & ownership of their songs when they record with Threadhead Records, vs what happens with a commercial record company.” […]

The Tip Jar – New THR Advisory Board

Back in December 2008, Offbeat Magazine wrote an article on Threadhead Records. Within the article there was this line: So far, the label has not turned away any interested artist. Three and a half years later….we get phone calls and/or emails from prospective artists and musicians almost every week.  Because of our size and limited […]

The Tip Jar – Debbie Davis Project Update

Debbie Davis emailed last week with this update….and know that while we are getting close to the 10K goal for her, we still need to push for more to get to the finish line. Or maybe to the end zone would be more appropriate, with football season starting. At any rate, from Debbie: I’ve had […]

The New Blog for THR and MSR – The Tip Jar

Well, this is the first “blog” I’ve done for the  websites….so let’s see how this goes.  The blog will be written by me, and others….hopefully by some who work with Threadhead Records/Mystery Street Records, and some of you out there who are “Threadheads.”  And, I also hope some of our musicians can contribute. Anything is […]